I was one of the first owners of Steve's puppies. We got Shadow in 2003. He was an amazing pup and a wonderful family pet. Always good with our people and a great with our children. Always healthy he lived until 2015 when he died peacefully at home. He can never be replaced. If we ever decide to get another puppy it will be from TLW Kennels.

                                                    Dave Hoff - Bailey CO



I’m incredibly happy with how smart my dog is. She is very playful and loving. I’m so glad that I found TLW kennels. The owners are incredibly pleasant you can tell that they care about their dogs.

                                                                                           Chris McCombs- Scottsdale AZ



Back when I was raising Labs, Steve from TLW Kennels sold me the best Chocolate Lab that I have ever owned. I highly recommend their lines if you want great genetics. Man I loved that boy. Would get another one if I ever get back into Labs.

                                          Mike Carlson - Draper UT




Just wanted you to know how tickled we are with our puppy! He is so smart and social. And handsome! I've been wanting a female lab but had to get my husband's first. Will you have any more litters this year? Preferably same lines as this one but I'm open to suggestion. I just figured since we hit a home run with this little guy, I'd like to repeat that for my lab. 

                                      Vicki Illingworth- Flagstaff AZ




Fred came to live with us as a pup. He and  I attended classes together and became a great team. He was very smart and eager to learn. His disposition was exceptional. He was very friendly and loved people.  

                                                Rick Haun - Chandler AZ


I've known Steve for a long time and I have always wanted one of his dogs but could never really afford one. Last year I did some trade work with Steve and finally got Scooter. He is the  best dog I've ever had. Gets along fantastic with my other dogs and loves my daughter, Cassandra. So glad we were able to make the deal to get him.
                                      Paul Romero- Lakewood CO


We were looking for a companion for our 5-year-old yellow lab. After much searching, we found TLW Kennels. We brought our whole family, including Maggie to help pick out new addition. Our chocolate Coco Bella is the most loving, playful and good-natured lab. Coco loves the game of fetch, doesn’t miss the opportunity to play at the park and is a great emotional support for us. She is a perfect addition to our family. And we are thankful we keep in touch with the owners of TLW. When the time comes, we will definitely go back to their kennel!
                                                                     Jennifer & Jim Broderick- Las Vegas, NV 


                     MADDIE and ASHUR
We absolutely love the chocolate labs we bought from you. Maddie has passed away but Ashur is doing great. He is a super sweet and loving dog and such a joy to our family.

                      Calvin and Melinda - Highland's Ranch CO



Chloe has been the best dog.

She has never had any health issues. 
She loves other dogs and people.


                                       Tamara & Will - Littleton CO