Chante' Virginia Cocoa Puff - see pedigree*

Chante' was the runt of Ginger's second litter and the most beautiful puppy I had ever seen. She was even stolen from us when she was 6 weeks old. We were lucky enough to get her back.  She was a happy dog, well trained and was the object of everyone's affection. She spent time in our retail store where everyone wanted to take her home. She was a wonderful mother and took great care of her puppies. She loved to swim and so at 10, we gave her to a couple that moved to the country where they had a small pond on their property. They too had an autistic child and she has been her companion. We try to find homes for our aging dogs to live out the remainder of their days with purpose. 

Montezuma Revenge of Virginia - See pedigree*

Monty is a dear family member and my best friend, He goes everywhere with me. He has all the great traits that Labs are known for. He is AKC registered and we do stud him out on occasion once we have vetted the dam. Everywhere I go someone stops me and wants to pet him and know what kind of dog he is and all about him. He studs for $2K.

Monty is the foundation of our New Kennels in Arizona. We moved here to have a large place to raise dogs. He has enjoyed running the 10 acres our Kennels sit on. He is very patient with all of the new pups and is a great example to them. He is very smart and can open doors, on command. He is a lot like his grandmother and was named after her. He is 

Our Creators and Forefathers

Lady Virginia Rich Chocolate

Ginger was a blockhead full of muscle and drive to please me. She could almost read my mind. She took 4th place two years in a row in the annual Frisbee contest at Clement Park in Littleton Co. She was a wonderful partner and although I was not a hunter, friends would often take her hunting. She lived with us until she was 10 years old where she went to live with a loving family who had an autistic son. They became great friends and she spent the rest of her days being his companion.

Team Take Em's Princess Amber - See pedigree*

Princess Amber is the newest addition to our Kennel. She was a gift when we got her and has produced some of the most beautiful puppies we have had. She is a charcoal labrador retriever. Charcoal, Silver and Champagne Labraors are known as diluted colored Labradors. Just a note... When it comes to registering a Dilute colored Labrador, it will be registered according to their 'foundation' genetic coloring being Black (Charcoals), Chocolate (Silvers), or Yellow (Champagnes).

We are very excited to have her in our family and look forward to many more years of love and beautiful babies.

Storm's Remington Star

Remington Star was a Colorado State Field Trial Champion IN 2002 and was owned by Sean Hinton from Baily Colorado. Remington was the sire for several Litters with Lady Virginia Rich Chocolate. He introduced the long legs that are so popular with hunters to our line. 

Pachanga's Magnum Force 

Magnum was trained and owned by Costa Yannikostas, Magnum spent most of his time hunting with Costa at his Lodge and Game Hunting - Guide Service. 

Some of Magnum's highlights included:

  • 36 Junior points (6 first placings) at 15 months of age.
  • Obtained both Open All-Age Titles at 24 months of age.
  • Acquired 28 All-Age Points at 27 months of age.
  • 115-plus All-Age Points in limited trialing.
  • Amateur Win in USA - 5 Points
  • Producer of AKC/CKC field champions, AKC/CKC/NAHRA/UKC Master Hunters and Grand Hunting Retriever Champions, Hunting Retriever Champions, Upland Hunters as well as Conformation Champions
  • 100% amateur trained and handled without the use of an electronic collar, attesting to tremendous natural ability.
  • Phenomenal ability to mark birds and run straight lines.
  • When not running field trials, Magnum was an incredible bird-hunter and a great companion.
  • OFA good, eyes CERF, 90 lbs.
  • Magnum was an intense competitor with the genetics to carry it on.

* For Full Information on Pachanga's Magnum Force click here