Do your puppies come with shots?
All vaccinations are up to date. We start giving shots at 6 weeks. They are also wormed starting at 4 weeks. Yes, we can send you daily (shots) pictures of your new puppy via text message.

Do you deliver?
We can deliver
to nearby states or shipping can be arranged out of McCarran (Las Vegas). You can always come for a visit. We can pick you up. We are only 70 miles away.

Do you require a down payment to reserve a puppy?
we do. Anywhere from $100 to $500 depending on demand. Since we only have two bitches, we normally only have a litter or two each year. Our demand is usually higher than the amount. Of course, we give a full refund should our puppy not be up to your expectations.

How do you train these dogs to be so mellow?
I believe a dog is always in training. I can easily train your dog as well as any of mine. The difficult part is training you. lol

Can I visit your kennel and see the condition they are raised in and meet the parents?
Of course, you can stop by anytime. Someone is always here. We would appreciate sufficient notice. This is still the Wild Wild West out here, lol.

Why do you think you have the best labradors for sale?

Its really all in the genetics, We have bred our dogs to be very mellow. They are easy to train even for the very inexperienced.